Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"A great article"

I am not sure exactly where I read this, but it made me stop
and think.

I hope that you enjoy it too, I should put in the link to the site
of the author, but I just dont know where or what it is. :/

I should ask permission, but unsure how.

If there are any problems with me posting this here, please let
me know and I will remove it, or if anyone knows where I can ask about it.

I really am at a loss as to where I got this from, I just liked at and saved it
for re-reading when I wanted to.

Hope you all enjoy this great article.

Take care..

Dr. Robert Anthony

by Robert Anthony, Ph.D
Here is the secret.

It is not your action that makes things
happen, it is your intent. You can reduce
the need for action to a very minimum by
allowing yourself to focus on what you
desire until you feel the
positive energy begin to move within you.

This energy is not based on doubt, fear,
anxiety, worry or need. If you focus on
what you want instead of what you don't want,
you will know when

it is time to take action. And when you do,
it will be effortless.

Doors open and the entire universe
will conspire to
assist you in your desire.

Put simply, you should take no action
on anything until you have
visualized your desire and made
it real enough in your mind that
your next action (step), whatever
it is, seems like the most
logical step.

How can you know the next logical step?
Here is the test that you
can give to yourself before
taking any action.

If you focus on what you desire
and still feel overwhelmed or
anxious, then you
are not ready for any action.
You know you are ready when it
feels like the next logical step
is effortless. There is no
effort, no strain, and no pain.

How true is that?! :-)

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